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jiliko has many sports games for you to bet on, such as tennis, bowling, racing, basketball, American soccer, boxing and soccer, especially the betting options with multiple features, such as single ball, parlay, low score betting, etc. We provide reliable service for all players.

Sports Betting

There are many types of sports betting available and we can choose to bet on our favorite games, before betting, players have to study the rules of the game which will increase our chances of winning, calculating odds and good returns is also worth the risk, let's see what types of sports betting are available and which ones are suitable for us:

Betting Odds Format (HDP)

HDP comes from the Asian Handicap, where the betting odds, after deducting the handicap, are based on the number of goals scored to win or lose. This type of betting is more popular among Asians than in Europe, so it is called Asian Handicap.

Betting on 3-sided ball format (1X2)

This form of sports betting does not have odds, but will have odds instead of betting odds. This form of gambling bets on the choice of whether the team will win or the result will always come out. If we bet on the team with the higher odds to win, we get lower odds or odds, or we get lower odds for a higher chance to win.

Betting on 3-sided ball format (1X2)

This form of sports betting is similar to the 3-sided ball we talked about earlier, but it chooses to bet on 2 of the 3 pages, making the chances of winning the highest of all bets, but it also has lower returns and you may need to bet 3 wins to make your bet equal to the amount you lost in a single loss.

Over/Under (O/U) format bets

This type of over/under sports betting is similar to HDP format betting, where there is a chance of winning but not losing or not winning. But the total is the sum of the scores of the two teams, and if it is greater than the odds, it is considered Over or O(Over), and if it is less, it is considered Under or U(Under). This bet can be divided into 3 types, namely Full Game, First Half, and Second Half. Well done, it is fun to win the whole game.

Equalization bets (E/O)

It's easy to bet on the total, even E (Even) or Odd O (Odd). This type of betting is not very popular because there is no way to analyze the team or the players of the sport. Therefore, it is also the least popular form of betting.

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